After thirty five years in science and technology, in 2011 I decided to follow my dream and become a fine art photographer. My practice is a search for a new - almost spiritual - sensibility to nature and the world around us. Only when we have such a sensibility do I believe that can we overcome the otherwise inevitable disenchantment of contemporary materialism. Through my images I extend an invitation to you to join that search.

"We need a fundamental change in our relationship with nature, neither romanticising nor idealising it, or seeing it simply in human terms but seeing it as something of value in itself, and knowing that it is constantly changing" Chetan Bhatt, Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics

The images below are from my latest work, Tree Lines. It is a collection of short audio-visual poems inspired by my local woodlands - an intimate encounter with trees and local place set aginst soundtracks often created in collaboration with a sound artist.

The full content of Tree Lines can be accessed here.

The image grid is the version of Tree Lines accepted for the ecoartspace exhibition Embodied Forest - an online exhibition exploring our relationship with woods and forests from artists across the world. The exhibition is curated by Amazon-based Lilian Fraiji and can be accessesed here.